Science Projects

Marine Science, 10th grade

Human Impact Project

Teacher: Jackie Ellis

Project Description:

This culminating project challenged students to look at current issues impacting our oceans. The class spent 4 weeks learning about how the oceans impact the whole world and this project allowed students to then see how the human world is impacting the oceans.

During this project students wrestled with the "adventures" of virtual collaborative group work, which once things got going, worked out brilliantly! Group members met in Google Meet breakout rooms and committed to completing their parts of the project while supporting each other throughout the final week of class.

Please see the project description for more details.

Biology, 10th grade

Cell Organelle Campaign 2020

Teacher: Kaitlyn Scheib

Project Description:

The nucleus has had a long and prosperous career, but it is time for it to retire! In the spirit of the 2020 general election students were charged with running a campaign to get their assigned candidate (organelle) elected as the most important organelle.

Students had to argue that their organelle had the most qualifications. In order to do so they had to convince everyone that without their candidate (organelle), the cell and the organism, and consequently the world as we know it would collapse!

Students were required to create a campaign poster, a pamphlet or commercial, as well as a smear campaign against 5 other candidates. The project culminated with students delivering a campaign speech promoting their organelle.

Zoology, 11 / 12th grade

Final Evolutionary Project

Teacher: Matthew O'Brien

Project Description:

This final project encouraged students to be creative while communicating scientific ancestry and biological evolution by providing lines of empirical evidence.

Students choose a personal way in which to express their information which ultimately provided students with a sense of empowerment and deeper engagement with their subject.