Scholars on Campus

Making History Now

Course Description

This program is very special. It is not a virtually taught course. All students are in the classroom practicing in all of the CDC guidelines for Covid-19. That in itself makes the program unique as they are the only full time students on campus. But SCHOLARS ON CAMPUS is so much more.

A select group, of Juniors and Seniors, have been assembled to study core subjects and various electives under one teacher, Mr. Tatro, at the same time and in the same place. Each student has what it takes to conquer such subjects as Algebra and Marine Biology, Economics and Philosophy, to name a few. With the right direction, incentive and discipline we believe that graduation is within their grasp and they will be


Covid-19 Operative Short Stories

Teacher: Bill Tatro

Project Description

This creative writing project was assigned to the scholars on campus. The scenario was that a vaccine for Covid-19 had been discovered, but stolen. The CIA was designated to get it back by employing certain operatives. The students were to 1)Create the fictional operative. 2) Receive the CIA assignment. 3)Successfully execute the assignment. 4) Return the vaccine and save the world.

The students worked daily, over six weeks, crafting and sculpting their short stories into exciting, action adventures. They diligently re-wrote, edited and polished their storytelling into dramas of which Agatha Christie, Patricia Cornwell and Rex Stout would be proud of.

We present for your enjoyment a body of work that shows how our SCHOLARS ON CAMPUS are



Mr. Tatro