Health / Physical Education Projects

Health, Grade 9

Accessing Information Project

Teacher: Brad Nagagawa

This project required that students carefully researched information related to assigned health ailments. Participants were required to access and utilize both web and print sources to gather a clear understanding of all that was required to understand all factors associated with causes and effects of each illness. Students were also required to use our library supplied databases as they explored "common knowledge", a "shocker", as well as “symptoms, treatment, prevention and types of help” for each ailment. A correctly cited MLA works cited was also a project requirement.

Health, Grade 9

Refusal Skills Project

Teacher: Brad Nagagawa

For this group project students were required to do the following:

  • Create a video, make a puppet show, or live skit/performance demonstrating refusal skills studied in class.

  • Create 4 scenarios that use all of the different Refusal Skills. (Clear no, Fogging and delaying statements and alternative action.)

  • Scenes needed to be least 4 lines for each partner.

  • At least 1 prop is shown in each video.

Health, Grade 9

Truth in Advertising

Teacher: Brad Nagagawa

This research project focused on advertising and how it affects consumer health. Students were required to find 8 "shocker facts" or misleading information disseminated in food and drink advertising. Students were required to bring the truth out of each advertisement and uncover the positive health benefits that were being promoted, as well as the negative effects being ignored in the advertisement. Students focused on soft drinks, and other widely purchased products. Students were also required to visually recreate the advertisement to show a more truthful advertising of the product. A correctly cited MLA bibliography was also a project requirement.

Physical Education

Dynamic Warm-up Video Challenge

Teacher: Cliffane Casco

This assignment required that students create a video or brochure demonstrating different movements and movement patterns in a way that can be beneficial to improving flexibility. The final product needed to include the following:

  • At least 3 Dynamic movements

  • Demonstration of each of the dynamic movement in mature form, and explanation of the basic movement strategies

  • At least 3 tips when performing these movements

  • Explanation of the Importance and Benefits of participating in dynamic warm-up and how it improves your fitness performance.