Arts and Communications Projects

General Art 1

Virtual Galleries

Teacher: Dan Schultz

Project Description

Every day, students were required to perform the following tasks: sign in, learn a unit objective, research artists, practice relevant techniques, and make BIG PROJECT artwork.

The selections shown in the gallery include some of the artists favorite BIG PROJECTS from the work that they did during the course. Students were allowed to pick any art media they wanted while executing the objective which will be seen in the variety of the work included. Student artists were encouraged to experiment as well as explore during art making time in order to find their own style. Congrats artists and enjoy the show!

General Art 1

Digital Portfolios

Teacher: Dan Schultz

Project Description

This stunning collection of art displayed in the portfolios below reflects the hard work students engaged in during their intensive 5 week classes.

Lahainaluna art students know that an online portfolio is their digital calling card as an artist. Those wanting to work in the industry also know that promoting their artwork in person and online is all part of being a creative entrepreneur and perhaps running their own art related business one day. Online portfolios are also often the first place that people look to see if they want to go forward with acquiring a piece from an artist.

Morning Broadcast

Daily Video Announcement

Teacher: Jon Shigaki

Project Description

This popular and vital communication tool for the community is broadcast daily and uploaded to YouTube.

Virtual learning this year has brought with it changes to an already challenging endeavor. Students are divided into 3 teams each comprising of 7-8 students. Participants are given a script a day or two before the actual broadcast morning. This year they have had to record themselves at home and are then asked to upload their recording to a dropbox. Those that are not recording on that particular day will create graphics and manage the audio for the broadcast. Students have also had to find the time and space to record their own interviews this year.

Drawing and Painting

“A Show of Hands”

Teacher: Micah Kawaguchi-Ailetcher

Project Description

During class, a teacher might pause and ask their students for “a show of hands…” and then ask for their thoughts or opinion on a topic.

During a video chat class, a show of hands might lead to a few voice and chat replies… and if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of an actual raised hand in one of the video chat windows.

A show of hands” is a collection of student hands as drawn by each student artist in our drawing and painting classes. under the constraints of minimal supplies, each drawing uses only graphite (aka pencil) to craft a realistic depiction of each artist's hand… as observed by the artist in real life.

In this project, student’s learned the significance of observation in creating art. their task was to observe the subject (their hand) and record it on paper. Through this process, they would gain a better understanding of how to use the elements of art in their creative works.