Life Skills, Grades 9/10

Covid-19 Research Project

Teacher: Chris Webber

Project Description

This research project challenged borders to examine the impacts of the virus from multiple angles and report their findings to the class in a formal presentation. The project incorporated new research skills for students, while reinforcing the idea that research to answer a question involves looking at multiple varied sources and evaluating them as they built their ideas to answer their research question. Media bias invariably became a topic for examination and discussion which was at times heightened by the ongoing political tension in the US. Citation skills for sources was also furthered in this project through the use of NoodleTools.

Boarders Virtual Meetings

Teacher: Ilima Greig-Hong

During their absence from campus this year boarders have been meeting virtually with Ms. Grieg- Hong as a way to stay connected to the campus life and the rich Lahainaluna culture. Boarders meet twice monthly and discuss how life is going for them away from campus. Updates on the renovations to the dorms have been met with lots of interest! Most returning boarders are eager to get back on campus and have been sharing experiences with our new freshmen who are eager to enter the dorms and engage in campus life for the first time.